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Residential Cleaning

Move Out / In Cleaning

King and Queen Cleaning will thoroughly clean you property to make it look brand new and to disinfect the germs left by previous tenants. We will take on the stress of cleaning after you've moved.

General Cleaning

At King and Queen Cleaning a general clean is like your everyday clean, but we do it better. If you just don't have enough hours in your day to clean. We will clean for you.

Appliance Cleaning

King and Queen Cleaning will clean your kitchen appliances for you, such as your refrigerator and your stove. Over time your kitchen appliances gather grease,  old food, germs, and etc... Yuck! Let us clean it for you.

Organizing Services

King and Queen Cleaning will declutter your space. An organized space equals less stress and more time to take  care of important things. 

Deep Cleaning

At King and Queen Cleaning a deep clean is like a spring clean. All areas of your home will be deeply cleaned so this includes everything in your general clean and more. This is a very detailed type of cleaning.

One Room Cleaning

If you have roommates and/or just need one room to be cleaned we can definitely service you.